Summer Shorts 15: Graffiti Art, an ageless endeavour.

First of #’s 15-18 in the 4th season of Summer Shorts, some jaunty posts for July.

How is it that some media stories prompt us to think that we should be somewhat amused or even amazed that a “senior” of a certain vintage should attempt anything remotely similar to a “youngster”?

Take graffiti art for example. You can walk most cities and look up at walls of street art, and find some very fine expressions and wonder – who created this? You wouldn’t immediately jump to think “how old is the artist”? Or would you?

graffiti artistsSo when LATA 65 in Portugal took to the streets, it struck me as not an amusement, yet more likely proof that like all art, street graffiti art is an ageless endeavour.



I wonder – what great work would Jean-Michel Basquiat have created if he had lived a longer life?


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  1. Jill O'DOnnell Reply

    Great blog! Why does everyone try to fit us older folk into the same space? We age differently and we think differently at our various ages. Thinking young – that is the best. It is what keeps us going.

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