Summer Shorts 19: Semi-Vacation Retirement Spin!

One of the advantages of being in summer semi-vacation mode, at least for someone like me – a sponge for research and ideas on the business and social aspects of aging demographics and longevity, is that I can just be a fly on the wall, hearing conversations of people who are not as immersed in the subject.

Unsurprisingly, “retirement” has been one of those words in the ear this summer. Some would have you believe that we’ve turned a corner in our attitudes to “retirement” – re-imagined, re-defined, re-inspired! Later life, a great potential!



Yet for every conversation with that spin, there seems to be, (at least according to my fly spy), still as many people who articulate their life approaching 65 and beyond with either blurriness, trepidation or both.

One variation of retirement spin that still serves as a Linus blanket statement for others is: “I guess I’m sort of semi-retired.” Not so re-inspired yet, you might say.

Last of my Summer Shorts 2015. Back from semi-vacation mode next week.


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