Summer Shorts 17: Aging, the White House Case File.

How is it that when we often talk about aging, we tend to sound like people in self-doctoring mode, looking for a remedy, or a program, a fix? As if the aging process was an unexpected phenomenon. No the phenomenon is the promise of our longevity and how we will optimize that opportunity.

Last week the White House Conference on Aging took place and I have looked at some of the reports on the outcomes for an event that apparently only occurs once very ten years. Seems a rather distant wait, 2025.

For your benefit, I’ve linked here two of several reports, Forbes & Time, plus once again Michael Hodin’s June 15 Huffington Post blog.

While I see much good in all this commentary, there’s not much very new. One thing I will say, at the risk of being overly pesky in my pursuit for change in mindset – why couldn’t the White House case file make it about longevity which would, I think, make the conversation more inclusive across generational lines?

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