Summer Shorts 16: Longevity & the Robo-Care Lift Off.

One of the dangerous things for me in the process of doing research over the summer is that I can get lost in the wonder of discovery . . .  and then wonder becomes a wander . . . But I digress. Even starting here.

On to longevity & robo-care. Robotics and other technologies (like wearables) may be at an infant stage, but they will quickly become ubiquitous, and the significant factor in the augmentation of elder care. Longevity needs over the next 10 -15 years will simply multiply the speed of this market driven reality. In large part, these things are age-friendly in design and application, so this speeds the “get to market” race even more.

Primary trends today of course, tend to come from Japan; like Paro & Robear for example. If you dig deeper (wander) though, you will find a lot more robo-care ideas in development that by 2025 may look as amusing as the first mobile phone from 1973 does today.

mobile phone 1973

Robo-Care. We have lift off.

Future blog ideas are in wander mode.

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