Stanford Longevity Design Winner, 2014-15

How fitting that last week’s winner of the second Design Challenge at the Stanford Center on Longevity would be a project called SPAN; considering the theme was Enabling Personal Mobility Across the Life Span. The $10K prize went to two young innovative designers Nicholas Steigmann and Maiya Jensen, both from the California College of the Arts.


SPAN is a portable platform that allows older people to get up and down from the ground safely with independence, supporting their vertical movement. Not having seen this device yet, I can only surmise that it would be useful to anyone with a similar mobility issue, making this an age-friendly product. As Aging2.0 is the key sponsor of this Design Challenge, SPAN also has an opportunity to feature their project at the Global Innovation Summit in May 2015.

My top three choices for this year’s awards were Fitness Hunt, Luna Lights and Flipod and I’m pleased to say that Luna Lights won 3rd prize of $2K, and Flipod won another significant $5K Stanford Longevity Technology prize.

Fresh with the news of this second Design Challenge, Stanford announced the 2015-16 three-track theme titled “Using Happiness to Optimize Longevity”. Briefly presented so far, let’s just say that next year’s theme smartly underpins the brand focus for the Longevity Centre of “redesigning long life”.

While we celebrate the well-funded brain trust at SCL, other global examples of initiatives exhibit how and where technology, design & the Business of Aging come together, some right here in Canada!

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