Seniors for Seniors, 30 Year Anniversary.

How interesting it is, (as the saying goes) that time has a way of taking care of all things, even those things that are often ahead of their time, ahead of the aging demographic curve in this case. Thirty years ago in May 1985, Peter D. Cook launched Seniors for Seniors, a home care business providing non-medical services.


Mr. Cook wouldn’t remember me calling him in 1994 to talk to him about working for his company. My shady recall is that I pitched him about me being useful in an operational or marketing role. Honestly direct, he politely brushed me off, as the gist of his story at that time was that he couldn’t afford staff, let alone more younger seniors as home care givers – he needed more customers.

There were other “seniors market” organizations I targeted back then in my work search campaign, but the message was much similar from what I got from Peter Cook; businesses were starting to develop in this market but there wasn’t the traction – yet.

The demographic curve had not arrived at the point we seem to be at now. What a difference if you just wait thirty years. The so-called seniors market of 2015 is flooded with home care providers of all sorts, from franchises to individual providers.

In 2012, Peter Cook founded Seniors In Need, to help low-income elders and he was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for giving back to the community. He did make a go of it as it happens.

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