Aging & Longevity – A Global Affair.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of Change Rangers weekly blog! “Envision the promise of longevity” is my opening tag line, which is in effect more of a reverse way of posing a question. What is the promise an extended lifetime in an era where it is better than it was say 100 years ago? No one likes this answer – it all depends, and the reality is – we don’t really know.

You could be living in a part of the world where life expectancy is lower than the current “average” global norm. There are so many factors that determine healthy aging, (positive/negative) even if you are living somewhere with a higher than average life expectancy. There is where the promise hinges – expectancy!

Over the last four years I’ve probed, provoked and teased about how we’ve become obsessed with aging (everything from anti-aging products to third age life styles), to how actuaries talk about longevity risk and morbidity rates, and how Boomers particularly continue to wrestle with a new re-framing of retirement.

After weeding through much commentary (much more than mine even), I figure we are all simply making our way in the world and at any stage of life; we are all aging and (hopefully) growing at different points on the continuum. All we really can do is continue to explore better ways to develop a world where an aging population can sustain itself, given all the wild card disruptive factors the world has yet to see played.

Nudging the conversation into another year,with a wry musing note; here’s a quote from Theodore Roszak – “The longevity revolution could go wrong in any number of ways…. There may even be those who feel that coping with this great demographic transition is essentially a matter of turning the seniority of our citizens into a sales pitch – just that and nothing more.”

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