Summer Shorts 12 – Aging & Longevity, Severe Weather Reports?

Are you sure it’s not severe weather reports you’re hearing when talk about aging and longevity comes your way? “Age Wave to Hit America: a Silver Tsunami.” OR “Population Growth Heats Up in Florida!”

Similarly, reports could sound like the outbreak of war: “Fight Signs of Aging!”, or civil unrest: “The Japanese Way, Country Wrestles with Aging Population.”

Well it does get your attention.

In Summer Shorts 2013, I played a rethink on the context for words like pensioner and elderly; suggested ditching phrases like “senior’s moment”. Let this little playful rant serve as a reminder that weather reports can end up as miserable attempts at forecasting.

The promise of longevity may bring with it uncertain patterns, but current reports of severe weather may be a little premature.

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