Stanford Longevity Challenge Finalists!

As promised here’s an update on phase two of the Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge; the announcement of the top 7 Finalists. Let’s recall the theme of the contest –  “maximizing independence for those with cognitive impairment”. Stanford received 52 submissions from 31 universities in 15 countries which makes this a truly international affair.

The first phase of this project gathered feedback primarily from professional care givers and families in response to – what are the challenges for people dealing with cognitive impairment that could be improved? Based on this, the potential innovative contributors were given to the end of December 2013 to come up with technology based solutions and enter them into the Design Challenge. 

Reviewed by a dozen leaders from private sector, academia and not-for-profits with an interest in cognitive related issues; we need to wait until April 2014 to find out who gets the big prize money. But in the meantime all seven finalists will benefit from mentoring provided by the corporate sponsors of the Stanford Challenge. Check out the list and cast your own vote. Let’s see who makes it through. Here’s the three that stood out for me.

Automated Home Activity Monitoring – Guido Pusiol, StanfordUniversity

Caresolver –  Arick Morton, HarvardUniversity

Memory Maps – Ritika Mathur, Copenhagen Institute of Design

As I said in the Oct.29,2013 blog post, this is all about the “business of aging”. So the magic question is, will any of these ideas actually be financed and fill a market need?


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