Science & Technology, Looking for Longevity

What a stimulating summer this has been, filtering through more than one contrasting view at a time; reading articles, blogs and books – science and technology looking for longevity, while hearing conversations around me in real time prattling on about the road to a comfortable retirement. Have you ever tried listening to music by Shostakovich and Strauss at the same time?

While on a short vacation, the Strauss conversation played on a restaurant patio over cocktails. Couples chatted about their retirement plans for a European river cruise and downsizing into an adult-living condo in a small town away from Toronto. All this knitted into a monolog about ailments, operations and medications. The Shostakovich conversation played as I cruised websites like the Science for Life Extension Foundation & Maria Konovalenco’s blog.

Searching for the fountain of youth is now – looking for the promise of longevity!

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Everything from brain research to healthcare innovations, from enabling personal mobility to easing the dignity of dying is of fascinating interest, not to forget taking a real look at the power of the humour gene!

Science & Technology, looking for longevity. If we’ve improved the average life expectancy in most parts of the world by let’s say 60% over the last 100 years, then I wonder – what more will we achieve with such assertive investment as we are seeing in our current time?

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