Overlapping Aspects of Global Aging -3

Global aging and the welfare of women. Life expectancy for women differs across the world depending on so many variables such as when you were born and where you live; combined with associated risk factors like disease, access to medical care, the severity of climate change, poverty, war, violence and the stability of the social economic infrastructure.

If you look at the statistics from the United Nations or the World Health Organization for example, on average women tend to live slightly longer than men. That’s no consolation if the overall conditions of life are poor.

And given the recent horrible abduction of young schoolgirls in Nigeria, one would have to say, what hope is there for them and others in dire circumstances to even expect to experience any hope for longevity?

Even if women do live to be older today, you won’t have to look very far from your door step in urban North or South America to find women living alone, in poor health and a fixed income; and for some (institutionalized or not), suffering from elder abuse. For some longevity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Holding up the mirror ask, who are we as a face in global aging? The overlapping aspects of global aging are not just to be a concern for think tanks like Harvard and the like. These scenarios with themes of disparity in aging for women and for men are not to be considered in isolation, confined to national boundaries.

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