Overlapping Aspects of Global Aging -2

Two other overlapping aspects of global aging referred to in Alvin Powell’s article Managing an Aging Populace are “declining fertility and rapid aging”. What’s interesting about this is how these two topics crisscross continents. Where, for example, do both meet in the same place at the same rate?

If you grasp information quickly in a visual way, try looking at the Population Reference Bureau and their World Population Data Sheet 2013. Scroll through the different cuts on the chart such as – births and deaths, life expectancy and family planning. Hover over your area on the colour coded maps and up will display data on each of these categories.

Simply using this as a starting point really pushes you to want to understand how complex it is for individual countries to re-frame priorities for social policies within the context of examining global priorities. It’s easy to be fixated, looking only at the how life looks in your ten minute world and not looking at how you are meshing in the global patterns of an aging population.

Connecting all the dots; it’s like pointillist art.

So goes Lisa Berkman, Director Harvard Center for Population & Development Studies who says we are at demographic crossroads. In Powell’s article, she further connects the dots in these overlapping aspects (declining fertility and rapid aging, etc.) by reminding us that “the plight and welfare of women is a key factor”. And in that alone there are more than enough concerns not confined to national boundaries.

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