Dick Stroud @ Sheridan Age Aware Summit

Two days to go for the Age Aware Summit at the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research. Looking forward to hearing Dick Stroud of 20plus30, a UK based group that specializes in helping businesses in their marketing to older consumers. I’ve touted his latest book before, Marketing to the Ageing Consumer (co-authored with Kim Walker of the Silver Group) and this is an opportunity to meet him with some interaction at the summit.

Apart from hearing from Dick Stroud, what I will be listening closely to will be the conversations with others attending the summit, to see what grasp they have on “age-friendly” or “age aware” marketing, and as the day develops; to what degree have they made some progress in thinking about how to recalibrate their own marketing plans.

After Q & A with Dick Stroud, there is what appears to be 75 minutes of break out sessions titled “marketing preferences conversations”. Not sure how this will be designed but structurally, one of the things I’d like to see in this round would be a marketing critique of current marketing campaigns of variant products or services from actual businesses represented in the room. As I suggested in last week’s post, a game of “Marketing Hits and Misses”.

Perhaps, will the “preferences” conversations will be segmented into the four different types of aging outlined in Stroud & Walker’s book: chronological, life stage, psychological and physiological?

Bottom line is that marketing to a 50-plus demographic is an intricate endeavour. Stay age aware.


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