Aging Population: Reversal of Fortune?

Smart, memorable marketing often takes saucy wit to get anyone to take real notice. And when wit attaches a message to a highly evident and timely social discussion, it can at least add some fun to an otherwise too often repeated “tune us out” conversation piece. Last week the conversation piece around declining birth rates and aging population received global exposure with some saucy … and, sexy wit.

Do It For Denmark.

Denmark’s birthrate is at a 27 year low. At Spies we’re concerned. Fewer Danes mean fewer to support the aging population – and tragically fewer holidaying with us”. The rest of the story line goes, that the secret to solving the Danish demographic dilemma is through sex and travel. It would be surprising if sales for Spies, a travel tour company, doesn’t get some up-tick from this smart marketing campaign.

Generally speaking the aging population discussion isn’t on everybody’s list of top five global concerns; and even when it is covered in the news we usually hear intense things like the consequences of a “silver tsunami”, the “dire demographic dependency ratio” or the “raging cost of health care”.

Does “do it for Denmark” create even a hope to promote a reversal of fortune for the aging population issue? Even if solving the low birth rate isn’t on your mission list, and even if you aren’t Danish, and even if you’re 77; who wouldn’t want to book a vacation with those saucy folks at Spies. Surely they’ll take all transactions.


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