Aging Gracefully, a TAGlab Solution.

Cognitive impairment. Mobility limitations. Social isolation. Can these elements of aging be lived with “gracefully”? TAGlab in Toronto believes so. This isn’t the first time I’ve referenced this team of professionals at the University of Toronto. I first met one of their team at the MaRS Business of Aging Summit in 2012. Their enthusiasm for technology solutions was wonderful.

In last week’s post, I noted Stanford’s 2nd Longevity Design Challenge for 2015. Given their funding support, it could be said that it’s easy for them to get better exposure for what they do. Yet things appear to be moving along nicely here in Toronto for TAGlab. Their partnership support includes organizations such as Research at Google, Revera and Grand (a Canadian Digital Media Network).

On October 30th, 2014, TAGlab is holding a fundraiser event in Toronto to support of their initiative to hire new undergraduates for what they call “The Seniors’ Digital Commons” launching in 2015.

If you look at part of the TAGlab purpose statement on their home page – “support aging through the life course”, it really underlines the point that aging isn’t something that happens suddenly. Often when I discuss the promise of longevity, the business and social aspects of aging demographics, a first reaction I often get is that we must be talking about “the elderly”.

Aging gracefully is a pattern of attitude, ability and behaviour; and now more than ever science and technology have broken the boundaries of aging. Elderly? When and where does that begin?

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