Aging & Longevity 2014. A Call to Confer.

Every new year is a promise. The promise of the first baby born on the split second after midnight in every corner of the globe. The promise of a bucket list of new year resolutions busted in the first week, and the promise of 7 billion plus people aging one day at a time all at different stages of life. In spite of the promise from all those anti-aging products – it’s an unstoppable motion. Aging. It’s a call to confer.

Conference’s for 2014 are abundant, which likely means that aging is an opportunity built on an obsession and more likely that it is a global concern that touches everyone wherever we are on so many levels, regardless of how old we are or think we are.

So here’s a short list, for now.

Aging in America; March in San Diego, California

IFA Global Conference on Ageing; June in Hyderabad, India

Landscapes of Aging; October in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Ageing and Society; November in Manchester, England

There’s more. Not forgetting the word longevity; there are conferences all over the world that are focused (among other themes) on health and wellness, some of which are very commercial in nature and some more academic. Here are two to illustrate the point. Longevity Now; February in Orange County California and Genetics of Aging and Longevity; April in Sochi, Russia.

Some of these conferences are still asking for abstract submissions. Yes, the business of aging and longevity is much alive and well; full with promise.


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