Age Aware Summit 2014: SERC

Last week the Sheridan Elder Research Centre announced their one day Age Aware Summit 2014  (June 12)  in Oakville, Ontario. This comes as a major kick off event for SERC’s second decade. The focus of this mini-conference is about “age aware marketing” to an older consumer. 

Dick Stroud is the key note speaker, co-author with Kim Walker of the 2013 book Marketing to the Ageing Consumer: Secrets to Building an Age-Friendly Business. It’s an absolute must read. One of the key lift points for this approach comes early in the book:

“…the coming decade will be dominated by the physiological changes to our bodies and minds. These changes will be a major source of new product requirements and opportunities for organizations to compete on the excellence of their age-friendliness.”

It’s not all about product. You can also add to that “new service requirements”. Your business could be service or product oriented, and you will need to pay attention to the way you design, position and communicate the value of your offering to a specific segment within that very broad continuum of a “50-Plus Market”.

The SERC Age Aware Summit promises to be a “roll up your sleeves” experience including a pre-event workbook to help participants assess their current marketing strategies and perspectives. This is great considering the fact that the “primary purchasing decision maker” may not be the same as the end user of the product or service. Sounds obvious; but take a look at how many miss that detail.

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