Age Aware Marketing: Opportunity for Clarity

About five weeks to go for the Sheridan Elder Research Centre one day Age Aware Summit (June 12) in Oakville, Ontario.

First stop in Canada apparently, Dick Stroud is the key note speaker. He is co-author with Kim Walker of the 2013 book, Marketing to the Ageing Consumer: Secrets to Building an Age-Friendly Business. Dick Stroud is also founder of a UK based firm 20plus30 Consulting which specializes in helping businesses in their marketing to older consumers.

As one who will be attending this event, something that strikes me at the higher level here, regards Age Aware marketing, is that this is an opportunity for clarity. Clarity of language. For a start, who is this consumer? Seems pretty nebulous. An out there massive blob. Should a business not really be seeing them as the customer? Then there’s this cluster-burst of adjectives – “mature”, “older”, “aging”, “boomer”, “50-plus”, “senior” and so forth.

Somehow the marketing lines of sight are right away blurred. If you are a business, how and where do you begin to describe your “customer”? Pick from one of the adjectives above? This is the first lift-off message you project in your age aware marketing. Pick “aging” or “mature” if you want. At what age does that start?

What’s that expression? “Words create the world we get.” Admittedly this choice of language issue is a devilish one for all of us who are in this space; and therein lies the value of attending this SERC Summit. Opportunity for clarity.

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