The Evolution of a Longevity Society -1

On the cusp of reading the House of Lords Report from the UK, came the presentation by Alexandre Kalache at Sheridan College (as referenced in the Sept.10 blog post) and the question was the same; are we ready for ageing? Well I guess that depends on who you ask and how you ask it.

On the macro level though, it’s a fair question. The promise of longevity is not the same for everyone, but the present view forward suggests that if it’s not a revolution, we collectively need to be ready for the evolution of a longevity society. This matters to people of all generations. The shifting frames of reference for “what is a life course?” are upon us.

For over a decade from 1995, Alexandre Kalache worked at the World Health Organization in the department of Ageing and Life Course. If you read the WHO document on A Life Course Approach to Health, one of the offering statements for training starts with how it:

“stresses the importance of all ages and stages of life and acknowledges the intergenerational context within which individuals exist.”

I’ve likely been heard to suggest before, we should make this a core subject in high schools. Consider a number of possibilities. Here’s one. While at the same time we have younger people in angst over making educational/career choices, why not enlighten them about a future in caring professions? As Kalache referenced, with extended lifetimes we’ll need to pay attention to developing a “culture of care”.

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