Summer Shorts 9: Longevity Word Jumbles!

Longevity Word Jumbles! Final Round for this summer. Spell out the phrase as you see it and hear it, then ask yourself to twist the meaning or ditch it.

This week’s phrase – “senior’s moment”.

We can all wink and withstand the birthday cards we’re sent that say – “you know you’re getting older when…”. Even then that line starts to wear pretty thin when you’ve read more than one. 

Senior’s moment. The thoughtless bit about this one that really gets me perplexed, is that you often hear some people complain about ageism – in the workplace or other business and social interactions; and they’re the same people who say minutes later that they just had a “senior’s moment” or worse an “Alzheimer’s moment”. Not a Hallmark card comment for sure.

You decide. Twist it or ditch It?

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