Summer Shorts 7: Longevity Word Jumbles!

Longevity Word Jumbles! Round 2.  Spell out the word or phrase as you see it, then ask yourself to twist the meaning or ditch it.

This week’s word – “pensioner”. If you’re looking for a place to lodge while touring Brussels, you can stay in a pension which is a boarding house, so you are a pensioner. In the UK you could be called an O.A.P. – which is often a not so nice flippant remark even if you aren’t collecting a pension.

Over the last decade or two, pension plans of the 1950’s-60’s were built on the promise of full life long employment as an expectation upon a retirement from an organization. Both have been redefined if not all but disappeared. That makes it harder to call yourself a pensioner. And if you do get a “pension” it’s only a part of your overall self-managed “retirement” scheme. Entitlement is now empowerment.


You decide. Twist it or ditch It?

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