Summer Shorts 6: Longevity Word Jumbles!

Continuing from Summer Shorts 1-5 in 2012, here are some quick musings for the next few weeks, I call them “summer shorts”, for the lazy, hazy days of summer. For 2013, we’re just having fun playing Longevity Word Jumbles! 

It’s a version of word jumble puzzles you see in newspapers, except that we spell out the word or phrase as you see it, but then ask you to take its meaning and either – twist it or ditch it.

This week’s phrase – “anti aging”.

If there ever was a phrase that speaks to our sense of denial. As if you’re against something that you can’t control, or is it arrested development? We know we are all aging from the day we’re born, but later on, we don’t want to be seen that we are. Anti-aging seems to work as a marketing spin. You get over 70 million Google hits! But what if we called it “pro-longevity”?

Anti-aging. You decide. Twist it or ditch It?

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