Stanford Longevity Design Challenge – 1

Calling all student longevity design thinkers! Following the Stanford Center on Longevity for some time now, it’s wonderful to see news of how positive business initiatives address the promise of longevity, rather than the barrage of statistics and associated gloom prophecies of the aging world challenge. Stanford’s latest adventure in collaborative research and co-marketing is the Sept.24th announcement of their inaugural 2013-14 Design Challenge.

Attended by thought leaders and entrepreneurs, the opening gig featured a number of collaborative sponsors with the theme of the contest being “maximizing independence for those with cognitive impairment”. Student design submissions are being taken now until end of December, with the award presentations happening in April 2014.

One of the goals of this challenge immediately spoke to me – “encourage a new generation of designers to become knowledgeable about aging issues”. But it’s more than that. Obviously Stanford and its allied sponsors see the business opportunities for the future. And we do need innovative, practical and “popular” products and services that will help us live that better “promise of longevity”; adapting technologies, which is I assume what these designers will do.

Yes this is all about the “business of aging”, which is one of the reasons on my own doorstep, I joined Sheridan College’s Business of Aging Information Exchange Network, to keep close to where this conversation needs to go – promoting opportunity.

Check out a few Stanford Design Challenge collaborators & sponsors and watch for follow up. Aging 2.0   Alzheimer’s Association  Direct Supply   Home Care Assistance

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