Ready for Ageing: Who Isn’t? – 1

Ready for Ageing? Just ask the House of Lords in the UK. The March 2013 Ready for Ageing? Select Committee Report, while rather lengthy is (even removing the UK reference points), a clear thinking layout for the people’s conversation whether on the streets of London or Toronto.

While people on the street are busy trying to figure out what they’ll be doing next Wednesday; there are researchers, think tank organizations, governments and policy makers out there working on building the conversation around how we are going to improve our “preparedness” or “readiness” for social issues associated with demographic change.                                                                                                                        

Not that there isn’t already a conversation on the street about all this, but the projection of timeframes into 2030 or 2050 is almost too much to ask of somebody just trying to manage the immediate “foreseeable”. Yet ageing is a process and we are all on the continuum of life, playing out our day to day on whatever theatre of life stage we perceive we are in.

Is it too much to ask though – are we ready “collectively” for ageing? Personalizing the question of course gets you multiple answers, and depending on the age, stage and condition of the person you ask, collective concerns for that hazy future are often swerved aside for the glaring reality of someone’s now.

Still the content of the talk is the same, in the future as it is here in the now; and it’s none too soon to recognize ourselves in the ageing process.

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