Marketing to the Aging Consumer-2

Age friendly marketing. Who are the winners? Maybe not advertisers of products or services who depict or profile their older demographic customer in a patronizing way. Often at the same time, the quick impression you might get from some 90 second ads; is that the message isn’t targeting the person who actually makes the buying decision.

Take for example a frequently aired commercial for Ensure, a popular nutritional drink brand. The door bell rings and a sliver haired woman answers to her adult children who are dropping off their kids for a weekend with their loopy grandma. She’s so ‘off the wall’ energized from this nutritional drink that the grand kids might question whether they’d rather to be left at home next time.

Maybe this commercial is memorable and works at some level, but not necessarily in a positive light. If you look at this ad, or others that appear to target aging Boomers, do you see your Boomer self or do you see your older parent? Who makes the end purchase? Maybe some of us are in denial, but do we look or behave like that loopy grandmother?

Compare with a look at ads for Boost – an age friendly marketing winner?

One positive thing though; there’s going to be more paid work available down the road from advertisers who use silver haired actors in TV vignettes. For aspiring aging actors with that “real people look “, you too can read from a script. But please, please, don’t patronize.

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