Marketing to the Aging Consumer-1

If you’re a business leader looking for a great read to sharpen your focus on marketing in this world of aging demographics, look no further than the new book by Dick Stroud and Kim Walker; Marketing to the Ageing Consumer (2013) I’m using the other way of spelling aging here. Either way it’s the same experience!

I first came across Kim Walker and his company the Silver Group last year and featured him in the Aug.28 Blog “Age Friendly” Part 2 – a Silver Lining and started following Silver updates ever since. So when I heard about the book, had to say yes. It’s a must read, every bit as wonderful as expected.

What this “Age Friendly Business” guide manages to do is present a well thought out process for understanding aging, (largely from a physiological standpoint), and then breaks it down; swings you into thinking smartly – how as a business can you adapt your product or service offering to this “age friendly model”? Fabulous examples in the book can help you begin to apply the relevance of this to your business.

Should you care. Surprise. Surprise. Not many do. Keeping this clear, crisp and concise volume within my mental reach, I’ve been paying attention to television product advertising to help train my eyes and ears to the pitch. Who are the winners? Who is missing the mark? Who is simply wasting their money on the ads with blatant infractions to “age friendly marketing”?

Oh, don’t get me started!

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