Longevity: Long Haul on Auto-Pilot?

Let’s not toss up demographic statistics of an aging population for now. As often as you use the numbers and %’s, the story is true enough; around most of the planet we have declining birth rates and a higher life expectancy, with today’s average notation of about 80 years. No argument, depending on where you’re at between age 50 and 80; it’s a 20 to 30 year long haul flight path.

This longevity journey is one of incremental change, marked by a number of factors and conditions – physiological, attitudinal, financial, social; to name a few. We age and our good fortune to have informed perspective on that process, helps us as the flight hits pockets of turbulence . We can’t do this on autopilot. But that’s the trouble.

For all the advocates and role models following a “Zoomer life” or pushing the outer limits of the “Longevity Revolution”, there are still many people on the younger side (well under 80), either too busy stretched by the continuity of paying for the immediacy of day to day life; or cruising on autopilot, waiting for a kick back retirement.

What an angst for some who do have the presence of mind and the means to adapt for the long haul, but get stumped  by having to find a way clear when they hit a rough air pocket.

Longevity can be a gift, or not. My admiration goes to those less fortunate where the turbulence of their  journey is unarticulated and unsupported.

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