Hyper Your Longevity: A Tweet Lives On

When I first heard about Twitter’s LIVESON, it seemed such an obvious next step marketing adventure in the social media revolution – “Your Social Afterlife”. How much better an offer can this be for the promise of longevity? “Your account will keep tweeting long after you’ve passed away.”

Having recently gone through letters, notes and photos of someone who passed away, I appreciate what you can learn from an unfolding social history displayed in old media. Maybe at best what you’re doing is fabricating a story; reading between the lines, superimposing conversations you might have heard within the photographs. It’s quite a wistful experience, not having been there, leaving room for an element of mystery.

Will a collection of dead zone tweets be any less instructive about a person’s life and times than a stash of letters bound in string in a box? Depends on the content. Some of those old letters were about similar superficial topics you might read in a tweet, and then again there could equally be as many startling personal revelations.

You can hyper your longevity not just by the tweet. Try White Owl Messaging – “delivering love beyond the boundaries of life”. For example, just when you thought your family were handling the grieving, year after year those post dated emails pop up on their IPad on the anniversary of your death.

Not to be left behind (so to speak) – what does If I Die do with your afterlife? Takes the mystery out of it for me.

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