A Promise of Longevity: Footnote or Footprint?

Passage Three

Of Michelangelo it has been said, that he could look at a lump of stone and see the sculpted vision within before it came to life by chisel, dust and sweat. And he left a number of grand footprints over his nearly 89 years. David, the Pieta, Medici Chapel… that ceiling and oh, the design for St Peter’s dome which he never got to see, but in his head.

It’s a whirl of a readThe Lost Battles” (2010) by Jonathan Jones; where the journey, the individuality and competitive work of these two creative giants Leonardo and Michelangelo serves as the inspiration that kicked me to this primavera musing about a promise of longevity.

This is my thought, that we do tell something of our life’s story in our footnotes and footprints – in big, but most often in small un-chiselled ways. As we age and reflect on our journey like Leonardo’s “meandering river” there usually a theme, a flow or a pattern. Perhaps it was simply a matter of a collection of everyday helpful deeds or quiet leadership. 

Imagine your longevity was 90 years and all that was left upon your passing in 2013, was a few boxes of photographs, postcards and letters, books and news clippings. Not quite a treasure of art works but a social history all the same. And then one day as it happened, someone unrelated to you found this stash.

Could your story be reconstructed without a detailed narrative as in a diary or memoir?


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