Promise of Longevity Tested

Once in a while out of the blue your own promise of longevity will be tested. Mine was just recently after a physical mishap that landed me in the hospital emergency room. I’ll spare the details, but suffice to say as I pondered over the sounds of equipment and the poking and prodding of nurses and doctors – my own longevity was suspect and this blog seemed like it was hanging on a …

Looks like I’ll live and while my life feels suspended like in a … waiting for test results to determine causes for the mishap – the promise of my longevity lies open to make the most of it. The balance of a three day hospital stay was a drift through a cardiac wing where most people were on average pushing well into their 80’s, much ahead of me on the longevity path.

But I was already being tested. Beyond the full banquet of medical tests still going, it was a mind-set test. Living extended lifetimes does not come with a guarantee tag for everyone and even if you do get a longevity ticket for 100 years it doesn’t mean the promise will be the same for everyone. Some of those folks in the hospital were in suspect shape on a short path to long term care.

And if that scene wasn’t pause for enough reflection, a week later it was show time at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a delightful punctuation that further extends my …

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