Jane Fonda Joins Longevity Revolution

In the opening minute of the TED Talk video “Life’s Third Act” Jane Fonda wraps herself in the flag of the Longevity Revolution and she’s onboard as a very clear voice for the movement. This is a good investment of eleven plus minutes as she articulates her views as a result of her own research and discovery.

We must give credit to Theodore Roszak’s Longevity Revolution 2001 and the 2008 Robert N. Butler book with the same title for giving us the platform for this ongoing story. I can’t tell you how steep my library on the subject of longevity has become. The subject matter is far wider than what one TED talk can cover, but it finds the right note for the “personal journey” part of the story. And it’s a positive message on aging as we start the new year. 

One thing Jane Fonda has always learned to do over her 70 plus years is how to reinvent herself. Her brand is stronger now than it’s ever been and with her 2011 book “Prime Time”, she has ramped up her old fitness message for her aging audience – with her staircase metaphor and third act theory. None of this is new to me, but I give her points for clarity of message. Aging. It does all start with what your mind and spirit tells you it is.

Thanks go to my friends Gerald Bramm and Gail Irvine for tipping me off to this TED link.

Jane Fonda: Life’s third act | Video on TED.com  

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