In Memory of a Friend

Somehow today engaging in a discussion on what we might make of the promise of longevity takes a different tone, as I reflect on the loss of a dear close friend over the weekend. Words fail when it happens suddenly that a life passes on. All I can remember is the times we spent in travels to places like London and Paris and lesser known wonders in Ontario, Canada.

And then there were the weekly “cocktail hour” phone calls, with wide sweeping conversations from personal musings on the weeks events, to the tracings of family history, art, music, food and the neat things about the Canada that she loved.  I will miss those times, not to mention the countless lunch dates and “real time” cocktail hours in hideaway Toronto locales.

She had countless friends around the world and quietly worked at making connections, looking for shared interests on many levels. She could be gruff and sharp and she didn’t suffer fools gladly. But that was the charm. Because underneath it all she was a pussy cat who took the view – travel lightly, live simply, don’t complicate, appreciate the finer things.

And I think you can learn a lot from how people name their cats. With the backhanded humour that she had… Misery, Mayhem  and Muggins.

Make every moment…

In memory of Jane Gail Irvine.

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