Holy Smuckers! When does one become a Senior?

You are marketing to the “senior’s market”. Where do you draw a line in the question – when does one become a senior? If you buy an event ticket, or travel on a train, or take advantage of discount days at the drug store, that number could be 55 or 60 or 65. Our friends at Zoomer magazine ramp us up from an even younger age of 45. Or let’s just throw a dart at the chart!

In my 1980’s Retail working life, I placed exhibits of travelware in Senior’s Consumer Shows and the target group then was 55 plus. That audience could have been painted with a fairly wide brush though; anywhere up to age 80 at that time. My exhibit was usually in line next to RV motor homes, Craftmatic Beds, London Life Insurance and then some cremation service. We had it all covered and I guess you could say, cast to the wind.

Who gets it right when it comes to marketing? Recent observation on the business of aging  suggests that companies (on what’s become a long tail choice of products), are scrambling for tips and direction on how to market more effectively to this senior’s market. To make more fun, it seems that the fixation on social media has scrambled the marketer’s brain too.

But the smart answer is? Willard Scott and Smuckers – who have been consistently doing the 100+ Birthday gig for what may be 100 years now. They drew the line perfectly. Holy Smuckers!

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