Changing in an Aging World

Longevity. Aging. Retirement. The world is flush with conferences – a symposium here and a seminar there. It’s hard to decide where to put your investment to stay current with the research and innovation on the health and social issues related to an aging world.

Ten days ago – Oct.18 – 20 , the Canadian Association on Gerontology had its annual conference in Vancouver, titled “Aging in a Changing World”. Looking at the range of topics, I could have been well stimulated to further fuel ideas for this blog if I had attended this event.

A colleague, Suzanne Cook from Ontario and a recent new contact from B.C. – Elizabeth Wallace (I haven’t met her face to face yet), did conference breakout sessions under the theme “Careers and Retirement in a Changing Workforce”. (Check out the links above.)  I’ll get these insider views of the conference later this week.

What mused me reading the title of the CAG conference was how we easily could flip it to say – how are we really “changing in an aging world”? At no other time have we humans (well maybe some of us), been so focused on the aging process. Generally speaking we didn’t live long enough in 1912 to reflect much on what gerontology was as we now know it.

But how are we changing? Attitudes, perceptions, policies and awareness are what’s changing. If only the associated language would change to move us off frames of reference from a hundred years or more ago.

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