Care Banking: A Longevity Innovation

Care banking for your older age, what an innovative idea!

Care4Care is a new UK initiative piloted in March 2012 on the Isle of Wight; a collaboration between the Young Foundation and Professor Heinz Wolff. Check out the web site for the full story, but essentially it’s about people of any age helping those of an “older age” who need support with their care giving needs as a result of restrictive health and mobility issues.

Support an older person in your community and bank “care credits” for a time in later life when you will need support. This is one excellent example of an invention that serves the evolution of  what Theodore Roszak named the “compassionate economy”. It’s refreshing to see that not all longevity innovations have to be a for profit business. Care4Care seems ideally useful.

Care banking compliments home and health care services by adding personal incentive to what is already 1000’s of hours of family & friends “un-banked” activity that takes place quietly every day in neighbourhoods around the world. I hope this Isle of Wight project catches on in the UK and makes its way to Canada.

As of May 29, 2012, Care4Care has 100 members & 2000 hours banked. As it goes, for this kind of social invention to take off, it will depend on word of mouth testimonials and will grow based on the collective community spirit. Knowing some real stories through my UK connections, this is just my little plug for the cause.

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