Business of Aging,Marketing:Part 2

Excellent! The Sheridan Elder Research Centre (SERC) symposium “Mature Consumer Marketing” on April 18 featured a panel of specialists in marketing and research who addressed the marketing strategies to aging demographics. Some in the audience from small, medium businesses seemed to be looking for “silver bullet” answers. There were none.

So picking up on one or two threads, my comment from the last posting, “there is no homogeneous nature to any age zone” was confirmed by more than one response to – how do I target my marketing to mature consumers? As Lina Ko of Boomerwatch got it right off the top (paraphrasing), “the Boomer generation is a 20 year spread, it’s a common mistake to apply cookie cutter marketing”. 

Include more in that thought. As I listened to the other panellists it became clearer to me that there are multiple aspects about this Boomer mix (as with any generation), that you need to overlay into the profiling of a particular target customer. Cultural differences, choice of language, life stage experience, gender preferences, value systems, buying behaviours.

Not to get lost in the focus here, there was much jibber at this event about how much did the use of social technologies count in marketing to an older demographic? The aspect of “technographic” profiling is well laid out in the book Groundswell (read up) and I guess the bottom line is that you really need to research your ideal Boomer customer before you make assumptions about their social media savvy.

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