Aging and the New Labs:Part 3

One of the best examples of a new lab dedicated to thinking, research and innovation on aging and brain health is Toronto’s Baycrest Centre . It’s partnership with MaRS and affiliation with the U of T Rotman Research Institute and other collaborators around the world has produced some amazing work. Baycrest sheds positive light on the promise of longevity.

The Baycrest Innovation and Technology Design Lab and their other research components, such as the Centre for Brain Fitness, is impressive. Just wander slowly through the excellent web site content and sign up for the Smart Aging newsletter. You’ll be inspired.

Perhaps the projected statistics and heightened expectations on the care level we’re going to need for older citizens with age related memory decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s, will be enough to encourage us pay attention to what these new labs are doing. These new labs make quiet headlines, as the news about aging shares space with other major world issues.

In coming up with the concept for this blog I wanted to promote the multiple aspects of our  individual and collective experience with increased longevity – the convergence of social, political and economic issues. The longevity revolution is being well served by the work of these new labs, and the examples I’ve shared are only some of what’s out there.

Starting, joining or even following the new labs in your community is one way of contributing to new thinking needed around how we will design our homes, neighbourhoods, places of work and learning.

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