Aging and the New Labs:Part 2

New thinking. Creativity. Innovation. Everyone’s talking this way about absolutely everything, and the forum for exploration, ingenuity and product development is seen as being in the “new labs” where whatever issues in discussion are pitched like experiments.

The Coffee Houses of the 18th century were labs for new thinking as were discussion clubs like the Lunar Society. So here we are today, with Linked In Groups & Collaborative Research and Trust organizations.

Aging and Longevity topics have finally become significant enough for people to create new labs for exploration, ingenuity and product development (see examples May 29 posting.) This should be no surprise as the aging demographics story occupies so much daily headline space – but it’s no longer news. Demographic statistics have been here for quite some time, waiting for reality to catch up with the forecast. When did we discover Boom Bust and Echo by David Foot?

Whatever your issue or cause, new labs start with conversations over dinner and then move on to the street and eventually – the long lamentations about pension reform and our precious retirements, the health care crisis, all our aging ailments and the cost burden on the younger generation have to convert to creative new thinking.

For Joseph Coughlin from MIT Age Lab it’s is all about “innovating the future of living longer”. Coughlin’s research is all around “disruptive demographics”, how demographic change and technology will drive innovation in such areas as product development and social policy. Open the labs. Here we go.

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