“Age Friendly” Part 1: Innovation in Design

More stylish aging! Where friendly meets graceful. Who wouldn’t want that? How about a mobility aid (a.k.a. walker) that didn’t look like the institutional  seniors army issue you see some people use at the shopping mall?

Back in April at the Business of Aging summit, the TAGlab group featured some of the technology based innovations they were working on for “aging gracefully “design, like Technologies to Combat Isolation. Since then a Linked In connection from the MaRS Discovery District sent me this Fast Company article that further proves how design can creatively meet product needs of an aging population. No seniors army issue here!

A Collection of Mobility Aids Aimed at Helping Us Age Gracefully.

This got me thinking; what other smart designs are out there? As it happens Italian design publication Domus just announced its Age Friendly Awards 2012 with the goal as they say, to bring to life “ a new generation of domestic objects – beautiful, intelligent and easy to use”. Pour me that smooth design cocktail, I want to hear more!

And the Domus  first prize is Handle It  – a portable device with a handle that allows anyone the ability to find support or balance anywhere, any time. Think of the use illustrated –  replacing the fixed steel grab bar in a hotel shower. How wonderful it is that someone can envision the promise of longevity with an insight on design. And the clever thing is it’s a universal design which answers more than age accessibility.

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