Intricacy of Attitudes to Age–Ask Europe.

Whet my appetite! Nothing better could encourage a blogger on the subject of “the promise of longevity” than reading a 100 page research study such as the new report published in the UK from the Department of Work and Pensions, May 17, 2011.

Good solid research should provoke more question, dialogue and argument about a topic and a detailed intricate report such as this one hits on so many levels of analysis, where do you start? Quickly – news coverage jumped on the in your face statistical data, taking the information at surface level to make headlines. From the Daily Mail to AARP Global – we’re all over it (well at least until the next instant story)!

As I continue to nose through this report and reflect on further comment, let’s just say that one of the nice things for a change is that this report isn’t about North America, lending us a more international perspective.

The more thought provoking thing is that the societal-level theories, individual-level and country-level effects considered in this research by Abrams, Vauclair and Swift from the University of Kent, should cause us to look more deeply at the intricacy of our attitudes to age and better prepare us to make this a more robust inter-generational conversation than what the headlines have flirted out.

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