Envision the Promise

What is the “promise” of longevity? In the 21st century we are for the first time in our world history, experiencing the reality of people living an extended lifetime. Opportunities and challenges await us. Social issues like pension reform, health and home care – are front page news right now; and we haven’t even reached the peak of the demographic curve of an aging post- WW2 generation. How do we know what “a life lived” will look like in 2030, when the first crest of this age wave turns 80? And what will this mean to generational interaction?

Perhaps we will all be making it up as we go. Maybe with all our ability to “fore plan the future we desire”, we will be delivered the promise of a golden age. Or will the “promise we acquire” cause us as much concern, as some are saying now, that it’s  going to be a burden on government spending.

So let the conversation begin; as together we look at all the trends and issues, ideas and designs for our world as we envision the promise of longevity.

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