Dream Rangers on the Longevity Highway!

Much of the aging lifestyle advertising out there now, doesn’t always get around to telling a good story about our attitudes towards aging. More often for example, with  financial related products, the people featured in the ads targeted at an aging demographic, tend to reflect a somewhat stereotypical view of quest filled 55 year olds “at the on ramp to retirement”, looking for a secure financial return so they won’t outlive their money pool.

Not so for the TC Bank in this Dream Rangers video. Talk about living the promise of longevity! Here’s the You Tube link just for the inspiration value alone! The advertising message is not so hard and fast. Dream Rangers

The Dream Ranger’s longevity highway story at best tells us that our life in the end is about the appreciated assets of memory; it isn’t about a quest for a retirement but rather a series of aging transitions, hopefully with the opportunity to create more memory, however sweet, large or small the money pool.

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