Boomer Marketing– a 21st Century Overdose?

During the early 90’s in my Retail industry work, I booked exhibits at consumer shows targeted to the “Seniors” market. This was well ahead of the Boomer demographic curve now in full swing. (People who attended those shows are mostly over the age of 75 today.)

Those show exhibits were packed row by row with products and services in a chain link from travel goods, travel tours, recliner chairs and medical aids to resort lodges, retirement homes and funeral services. Enter what we now call the “Boomers” market. Check out if you want to get the sense of how intense this marketing theatre has become. “Seniors” show – now the “Zoomer” Show! Come one, come all over 45!

What’s so different? From the perch of my exhibit in the early 90’s you wouldn’t have seen anyone under age 55, and we’ve just added more products – energy drinks, anti-aging treatments and weekend spas to walk in baths, chair lifts and life coaching. It ‘s a 21st century overdose of marketing to an aging population.

What is the best way to market to a Boomer audience, built in segments or stages of aging from 45 to 90 and beyond? Some businesses get it right. Others don’t. Could Boomer marketing be less stereotyping/patronizing and more intelligent by talking to how this non-homogeneous group really thinks and behaves?

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