Adaptive Aging Technologies:Opportunity Abound

Listening to a TV panel of pundits on the subject of the lethargic global economy, disappearing jobs and the lost decade for youth career opportunities, got me thinking as usual about a contrast to that slice of reality, and that for one moment became the sleeping news story about product and service opportunities for our future on “planet longevity” – adaptive aging technologies.

Age friendly design of technology products is a huge opportunity. There’s a vast array of exciting things going on in the development of adaptive technologies, from housing and transportation to health systems and life long learning.

What’s of broader value is the fact that the development  of products and services for an aging population is as useful to people of all ages who may have restrictive disabilities. In that sense, the real goal is development through “universal design”. There are companies with foresight, capitalizing on these areas of opportunity who are quietly going about their business as the panels of pundits pain in their economic analysis.

Thinking back to other recessionary times, I can’t help but reflect on whatever happened to the positive process of “abundance thinking in scarcity times”? We may be scarce on many things in this current climate of economic turbulence, but let’s pay heed to ways and means of adaptive thinking. The aging population factor is not losing ground. The more we can create work for people in the area of adaptive technologies, then we might just solve more than one pain.

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