Spotlight on the Arts: Impact on Business, Health and Well-being

or (as I would also add) how the Arts Economy fits within the broader context of a growing Longevity Economy.

If you are a leader in an Arts Organization, a Patron of the Arts, or a business with a focus on delivering services or operating facilities for older adults, you must come to the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research- Business of Aging Global Network event in Oakville on Wednesday evening, January 24th, 2018. It is a unique opportunity for you to learn how an Arts Researcher & a Neuropsychologist Can Enlighten your Business Strategy.

Understanding the implications of shifting age demographics now needs to be a key component in developing any business marketing strategy including those in the creative and performing arts. So where is that intersection where the arts and other businesses can be partners together, supporting active citizens through all stages of later life?

Kelly Hill is founder and President of Hill Strategies Research Inc., a company that specializes in research and analysis of the Arts Economy.  As he states “The arts are a vital part of our lives and communities. Integrating the arts as a regular activity could be a positive step for individuals and service providers.”

In his part of the Sheridan event, Kelly’s data-driven presentation will highlight the economic importance of the arts, the demographics of arts attendance (with a focus on older Canadians), and the connections between the arts and well-being. His data will show how older Canadians engage with the arts and how this arts engagement might help individuals live longer and better.

Dr. Kate Dupuis, Schlegel Innovation Leader, Centre for Elder Research, Sheridan College will compliment Kelly Hill’s research data by sharing her findings working with long-term care and retirement communities across southwestern Ontario and the Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging (RIA). As Dr. Dupuis states, “I am passionate about identifying the benefits of arts programming for an older population, and in determining potential barriers (e.g., sensory and cognitive decline) to active participation in the arts.”

All this makes the case for the Arts Economy playing a vital part in how we all will grow as we age. What is unique about the Arts as we discover them is that they have no age boundaries. The Arts are one of the best hopes we have for intergenerational connectivity and a vibrant society.




WHEN                                                                                             WHERE

Wed, January 24, 2018                                                Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus

Registration 5:45 p.m.                                        1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville Room J102

6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

RSVP BY January 18                                  905.845.9430 x2977

COST$20 advance registration    $25 non-registered walk-ins (all attendees pay cash or cheque at the door)

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