Summer Shorts 18: Later Life & the drive to Drive.

In 1972, I spent a month with my 75-year old grandfather in England. It was to say the least, an adventuresome and swerving journey as he drove me round the hedge-lined roads of Devon. He was a relatively good driver, though with some lax tendencies like pointing at the scenery and not the points in the road.

Man we had fun…

So, when I recently viewed the ITV 2014 production “100 Year Old Drivers”, I couldn’t help but fondly remember my Grandfather. He didn’t make it to drive at 100, as he died (not from bad driving), less than two months after I last saw him.

How old are we when we aren’t fit to drive? 100 Year Old Drivers on You Tube positions the story well. You decide.






Three years ago, I lost my driving licence while a medical condition was “not yet diagnosed” and I am far enough from 100. My life lesson – I did adapt and my drive to drive is easily quelled, by watching bad driving by people of any age.

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