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Canada AM’s morning show began a four day (Jan.19-22) feature series yesterday – Living With Alzheimer’s. At a time when the overall discussion around mental illness has become part of our collective conversation, this too is an inter-generational issue.

Canada AM Living with Alzheimers

One misunderstood fact in particular about Alzheimer’s is, that it’s only “older people” who live with this disease. The Canada AM Monday segment “Inside the Body” certainly cleared that up. What is more is that the social impact (family and community) has far reaching consequences, or as some would say costs. No need to go in to statistics here, the story is at

My Mother developed dementia in her later years, and it was several years for her and the whole family, living with this change. How each of us reacted, living with this, was individual on one level and shared on another level.

Some of the advice that I received (though abbreviated), early on from a care worker at the hospital did help to an extent. In my case at least, what I did try to tap into was her natural character; when I learned to try to talk to her 1:1 as we always did with private inside stories we found amusing. General conversations in groups with other people around were a challenge and frustration levels were higher.

How well did we handle the situation? I will be interested to digest what I hear this morning from the segment, “Inside the Family” and comment in my post Jan.27.


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