Aging & Memory: take this one to the bank.

Our national investment in brain health and aging got a boost in this April’s 2015 federal budget, with the announcement of $42Million in funding to the Canadian Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation at Baycrest in Toronto.

Last year I commented on the Baycrest commercial Rethinking brain health and aging. It’s worth the short view now contained on their newly created sub-site under the same name, which quickly engages you in the subject in a practical way.

share-image-genericSnap through the three sharp headings; Rejuvenate, Remember, Rewire to catch the story and participate in the cool fun feature Bank a Memory.

I then thought back to the Canada AM feature series in January, Living With Alzheimer’s and other stories since. One misunderstood fact is that types of dementia are an older persons’ problem. Brain health is a concern for all ages. Dementia isn’t just something that happens when you turn 65 or 85. Memories don’t just bank then either.

In my many conversations with Dr. Adolfo Cotter of Neuroimage Inc., about his passion for the subject of creativity and the brain, I’ve come to appreciate that this is one of many contributing factors to brain health that needs to be understood and promoted more, yet often we find ourselves in situations where creativity gets blocked.

Paraphrasing Dr.Cotter’s comments, brain health is a life course journey and the earlier we can stretch and test our brain, keep making memories – the more we can take to the bank as we age.

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