Longevity: Health Wealth of a Nation -3

What is the “health wealth” of a nation and how will we all value the investments we make? If the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is a visible indication of our government’s proof of investment, then you need to follow its root directly to a 2000 Act of Parliament of the same name.

In the preamble of the CIHR Act, one “whereas” statement says “that investment in health and the health care system is part of the Canadian vision of being a caring society”. No one I know would argue with that; but what I hear in most conversations is the concern with what all this is costing. If you look at the 13 Institutes the CIHR covers, it’s not just about the health an older aging population.

The research investment that the CIHR makes is only to support decisions we make about our Provincial (and our private) investment.

What’s your health wealth worth? Having made a valuation on a recent occasion; when the control of your health is fortunately in your hands and you have some level of control on your bank account, then how you see the investment is relative to the expense you are able to absorb beyond what the system will cover.

How can we better frame our conversation on the health care systems of Ontario – from what are we prepared to pay, to what are we prepared to invest? Considering income inequities and other layers of social concern, this is a tender conversation.

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