Longevity: Health Wealth of a Nation -2

One key intent statement in the Strategic Plan (2013-2018) of the Canadian Institute of Aging says that disseminating its research knowledge more broadly is important… “to government policy makers, health professionals and all other interested parties, including older people … as well as industry, because steps must be taken to ensure that this new knowledge has a real impact on the interventions, services and products that can promote older people’s health…”

Now we’re talking about making that real investment in the “health wealth” of a nation. Much the same way when investments went to children’s services and products, when the demographics bubbled up that way in previous decades, we are now seeing things like “elder care” alongside “child care”; and “walkers“, vs.” strollers” (maybe a different shopping aisle). We are either growing or aging depending on your point of view on life’s trajectory.

Interesting how some of the social dialogue on aging tends to see it all as a crisis and a cost we will have to shoulder. The main point of the Institute of Aging’s mandate, as I see it, is that our investment in health and wellness in aging research must translate to every-day practical reality.

Another leap of thought one can make here is that where a lot of the work or jobs over the next 10 years will be is in the health and care industry, in that “compassionate economy” that Theodore Roszak spoke about.

Isn’t that a “health wealth” employment investment in a foreseeable tomorrow?

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